Selling a Treadmill

Selling a Treadmill


Treadmills are the best of the cardiovascular equipment range for burning calories. They are however, higher impact than an exercise bike or an elliptical cross trainer.

What is the customer’s intended use of the treadmill? Walking or running?
Do they have any physical limitations or injuries that may restrict them in their use of a treadmill?

The intended use helps to dictate the size of both the motor (and the relative speed capability of the treadmill) and the running surface.


Continuous horsepower is a measure of the power the motor can deliver for sustained periods during normal use. As a general guide, continuous horsepower ratings should be 1.5 – 2.0hp and above.

If your customer is a runner, check the top speed on the treadmills to ensure it will meet their requirements. Don’t be afraid to offer for them to try it out.

Running Surface

Running Surface Size

Running surfaces vary in length and width depending on whether the treadmill has been designed for walking or running.

Width: Narrower than 400mm is getting too narrow for comfort and safety when walking. For jogging or running the running surface should be at least 430mm or wider.
Length: For safe and comfortable walking, the length should be 1250mm or more and for running it should be at least 1300 – 1350mm. The length required also depends on the height of the user and the length of their stride.

Console, Displays and Programs

Console, Displays and Programs

Console, displays and programs come down to user preference.

What feedback is your customer looking for from the console?
And do they require the variation of multiple programs?

Be sure to advise your customers that any machine will need regularly serviced and for treadmills in particular that the mat will need lubricated. Instructions on lubrication requirements will be included with the treadmill when purchased.

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