Land covers 28% of our planet. Mustad covers the rest.

Innovation, quality and a pioneering spirit have led to Mustad becoming the largest hook producer in the world. Today, Mustad can be found in over 160 countries around the globe.

Bernsport is proud to be the official distributor of this world-renowned, top quality fishing brand.


Since 1877, Mustad's legendary Nordic craftsmanship has been tested in virtually every ocean, sea, river and lake on Earth. Their innovative materials and patents have set the standard in modern fish hook manufacturing and quality. They continue to push the limits with premium hooks for every species - from 1,000 pound Tuna to 3 pound Trout.

While their heritage of excellence began with tackle, it is constantly expanding across the entire fishing world,
proving 'our passion for our people, our customer, our sport and our planet'.

Mustad UltraPoint - The Difference Explained

Mustad Hook Testing

We have always claimed that Mustad Hooks are stronger and more resilient than other hooks - so we put them to the test!

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