Plano Edge Stowaways

Plano Edge Stowaways

Plano’s all-new EDGE™ is a completely redesigned tackle storage solution. Keep water out, stop rust and organize like no other tackle box ever has with EDGE.
RRP per individual StowAway.

Product SKU: PL11051-G

Product Name

Plano 360 Edge Stowaway

SKU: PL11051

RRP: $59.99

Plano 370 Edge Stowaway

SKU: PL11052

RRP: $79.99

Plano 373 Edge Deep Stowaway

SKU: PL11053

RRP: $89.99

Plano 400 Edge Terminal Stowaway

SKU: PL11054

RRP: $99.99



  • Dri-Loc® O-ring seal maintains waterproofing when closed
  • Water Wick™ divider with reusable moisture-wicking packet
  • EZ Label™ system for quick identification of contents
  • Rustrictor™ technology delivers 360 degrees of rust-preventative protection

  • 360 dimensions:11"L x 7.25"W x 1.63"H
  • 370 dimensions:14"L x 9"W x 1.88"H
  • 373 dimensions:14"L x 9"W x 3.25"H

  • 400 dimensions:14"L x 9"W x 1.38"H
  • The EDGE Terminal takes customizable organization one step further with special enhancements specifically for small items like terminal tackle. The 3700 Series size box features lift-out boxes for accessible organization, plus three boxes specifically for weights with high-density foam that eliminates rattling.

    Warranty: 12 month warranty with proof of purchase if any manufacturing or material faults develop.
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