Mustad Tuna Circle Hook - 100 Pack

Mustad Tuna Circle Hook - 100 Pack

The Mustad Tuna Circle hook can be used in a wide range of applications from drifting, trolling, kiting, live baiting or bottom fishing. It's also an ideal hook for catch & release as a result of hook set in the lip or corner of the mouth.


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Mustad Tuna Circle Hook 16/0 - Qty 100

SKU: MU00279

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Mustad Tuna Circle Hook 14/0 - Qty 100

SKU: MU00281

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Mustad Tuna Circle Hook 12/0 - Qty 100

SKU: MU00283

RRP: $129.99

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  • Ringed
  • Beak hook
  • Duratin finish
Warranty: 90 day warranty with proof of purchase against any faulty workmanship.
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