Fishfighter Toby - 7Gm Mounted

Fishfighter Toby - 7Gm Mounted

The Fishfighter Toby lure is well known around the world as the most effective all-round lure. Its fish-like shape and action is visually attractive to predators. When lake fishing, faster winding will ensure the lure imitates a good swimming action. In streams where there is more current however, the lure will 'flutter' with the current allowing you to wind slowly and the lure to swim close to the bank. A true all-round lure.

FishfighterRRP per individual lure.
Supplied in packs of 10.

Limited stock of alternate
colours available on request.

Product SKU: FF8007-G

Product Name

Fishfighter Toby - 7Gm Mounted - Brown Trout


RRP: $5.99

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Fishfighter Toby - 7Gm Mounted - Rainbow Trout


RRP: $5.99

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Fishfighter Toby - 7Gm Mounted - Silver

SKU: FF8007S

RRP: $5.99

Fishfighter Toby - 7Gm Mounted - Traffic Light


RRP: $5.99

Fishfighter Toby - 7Gm Mounted - Zebra

SKU: FF8007Z

RRP: $5.99

Fishfighter Toby - 7Gm Mounted is available for purchase in increments of 10


  • Treble hook
  • 7gm weight
  • Split ring and swivel attached
  • Metal construction
  • Wide range of colours
Warranty: 90 day warranty with proof of purchase against any faulty workmanship.
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